Android Wear Interactive Watch Faces

All Watch Faces works on Moto 360, LG G Watch R, LG G Watch, Sony Smartwatch 3,
Samsung Gear Live, Asus ZenWatch, Huawei Watch and other Android Wear devices.
Looks great on both round and square displays.

Glossy Classic Watch Face

Stylish and elegant interactive analog watch face. Timeless classic design and multiple customization features allow to create number of great looking watch faces according to your taste.

Glossy Classic Watch Face

Traveler Watch Face

Modern and stylish
interactive watch face.
Sporty design,
high readability, luxury look.
Includes a great kit of useful widgets.

Traveler Watch Face

Glossy Combo Watch Face

Dual time, interactive widgets and, customizable design.
Provides higher interactivity level allowing to set configuration of the clock and customize colors directly on the watch. Great kit of useful widgets included.

Glossy Combo Watch Face

Color Rings Watch Face

Interactive casual watch face.
Allows to customize watch face configuration on the smart watch.
Also free color selection available.

Color Rings Watch

Orange Step Watch Face

Stylish analog watchface.
Pedometer, weather, compass and more.

Orange Step Watch Face

Super Square Watch Face

Bright Stylish
Clean.Unique design,
big bold digits,
pedometer, weather
and more...

SuperSquare Watch Face

Lady Summer Watch Face

Cute and stylish floral watch face.
Touch of summertime on your wrist.

Lady Summer Watch Face

Midnight Flower
Watch Face (free)

Elegant watch face for Ladies.
2 feminine floral themes.
Cute and stylish look.

Midnight Flawer Watch Face

Orange Point Watch Face(free)

Stylish modern analog watch face
with date and watch battery.

Orange Point Watch

Samsung Gear Fit Clocks

Our Clock applications are compatible with Samsung Gear Fit that is connected to Gear Fit Manager.

Clock for Gear Fit

Modern clock with star inspired beautiful themes, bright, clear digits.

Astro Clock for Gear Fit

Lady Style
Clock for Gear Fit

Elegant feminine themes.
9 beautiful themes.

Lady Style Clock for Gear Fit
Get it on Google Play

Cute Flowers Gear Fit Clock

Add a charming feminine touch to your Gear fit with new Cute Flowers Gear Fit Clock. Select 12- or 24-hours time and freely switch between 6 cute themes.

Cute Flowers Gear Fit Clock

Christmas Time Gear Fit Clock

Beautiful Christmas themed Clock for GearFit. Digital 24 or 12 hr + Analog time.

LCD Clcok for Gear Fit

Spring Time
Clock for Gear Fit

Let your heart beat in tact with Spring Mood! 4 watch faces included.

Spring Time Clock for Gear Fit

Aztec Beaded
Clock for Gear Fit

Beaded jewelry on your wrist!
Digital or analog clock.

Aztec Beaded Clco for Gear Fit

Flower Clock for Gear Fit

Stylish analog Clock for Gear Fit.
4 flower themes included.

FlowerClock for Gear Fit

LCD Clock for Gear Fit

12/24-hour digital time.
13 color themes.

LCD Clcok for Gear Fit

Flower Clock for Gear Fit

Clock for this Summer!
Light, bright and fresh themes.
Digital and Analog time.

FlowerClock for Gear Fit

LED Clock for Gear Fit

Bright 12/24-hour digital time and 9 color styles..

LCD Clcok for Gear Fit