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Glossy Blue Golden

Stylish, informative and interactive watch face for your
Galaxy Watch, Gear S3, Gear Sport or Gear S2


Glossy Blue Golden watch face: 

Analog time + digital in time format you need: 12hr or 24hr sync with your Phone time settings.
Sporty design and elegant colors.
Useful info at a glance + a set of shortcuts for getting more details.
4 Themes - select one you prefer. Easy way to change theme - just tap 6 O'CLOCK AREA.

Glossy Blue Golden Watch Face features date, weekday, battery percentage, step counter, daily step goal, heart rate, calories burned, moved distance km and miles and 5 shortcuts (alarm clock, battery status, heart rate, step counter and shedule)
Available on Samsung Galaxy Apps
Check out SmartWatchStudio seller page on Galaxy Apps
(open on device with Gear app installed).

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